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Saturday, July 25, 2009

To Sell, You Must Learn To Fish

So, after months of posting pictures, making connections and adding to my collection, all the hard work has finally paid off!

I was well informed not to expect quick mass sales when I first joined Esty. It takes a while for customers to get to know you and trust you before they buy. Every week I would just read selling tips provided by Etsy, be inspired by their 'Quit You Day Job' series and continue to make and list more charms in my store. I would work on my product tags and even joined an Etsy team. And most importantly, I waited. And waited.

I think the waiting is the part that separates armatures from professionals. Most people don't have the stamina to be patient for a sale. They want to see immediate feedback in the form of profit. If not, they pull in the 'open' sign and close up shop, thinking no one wants to buy what they offer- even when they know they have a good product.

The truth is, they do want to buy what you make, they just need some time to find you and know that you will be there when they get to you. It's sort of like fishing. You know a good part of water that is full of fish, but just because you throw your line in doesn't mean 100 fish are going to suddenly fight over each other to get to your lure. You have to wait. You may not get a bite that day or that week, for that matter. But patience always pays off. Just when you think the spot you picked is dead and the fish just won't bite, that is when you start getting back to back catches! That is the same for selling. Patience. And lots of it.

However, while you wait you need to still do some work. Yes, waiting takes work. You take more and better pictures of your work. You build up your inventory. Start or update your blog. Get business cards. Study your competition. Enter contest. Submit your work to magazines or blogs of interest. Give positive feedback to other artist you admire. Join forum or groups and make sure you are an active member. Stop worrying about selling and just relish in the idea of being an artist/crafter. Above all, don't doubt yourself and don't quit. And then suddenly on a boring Thursday afternoon you log into your email account to see that you've had three sales from 1 am that morning!

Now, here comes the part that can make or break a seller's future- be grateful! Thank your customers for their purchase, no matter how small. Leave positive feedback. Send a thank you card out with each purchase. Then spread the love. Give a few extra dollars when the offering plate comes around. Take your niece out to that movie she really wants to see. Fix your parent's
back gate that's been squeaking for years. Positive grows positive.

Then watch as you fall into a comfortable cycle of the work of waiting, the reward of patience and the spread of love. I must tell you, it is a nice cycle to live in.


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