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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Naughty Secretary Club

Every artist has something to inspire them. It is that one thing you can turn to when your creativity is in a funk and you need that special something to get the juices going again. (And no, I don't mean KY Jelly).

One of the things I turn to when I need a creative pick me up is Jennifer Perkin's blog. She is the magical brain behind the Naughty Secretary Club and one of the coolist bloggers on the web. Her pictures are awesome and her craft projects make you want to put away the fine china and break out the play-do and glue gun.

If you are not already a stalker of her site, you should be. Here is the link for you:


I have been denied by another Etsy team yet again. I was told my pictures were not good enough. My pictures are fine! I have sells. People have done interviews with me and have blogged about my work. Yet my work is not good enough for them. FINE!

Yes, I'm being a little kid about it and stomping my feet in a fit of anger. I believe that is allowed ever now and then. Rejection is never easy to take no matter how many times it has happened to you. (And trust me, I've been rejected a lot.)

I won't give the name of the Etsy Team because I don't want you all sending hate mail to them or anything. I'm just blowing off some steam here. I'm sure they are a lovely group of people and I wish them the very best success.

But that doesn't stop me from throwing some virtual poop at them. . . (ready, aim, fire!). . . ah, now I'm starting to feel better already!

What Am I?

Okay, I've been told by artist that what I do is not art but a craft. I've been told by crafters that what I do is not a craft but an art. So what the hell am I? A crafter or an artist? I don't do cookie-cutter designs. I take my work seriously. My soul purpose is to create beauty through the medium of what is considered trash. My muse is wine. So what does that make me?
In a perfect would their would be no label for what I or any creative person does. But we do not live in a perfect world and frankly, I wouldn't mind having a label if it truly described me and my work. So, what am I?

I found the quote below as i was researching the difference between artist and crafter:

"Our art is the work of a small minority composed of educated persons, fully conscious of their aim of producing beauty, and distinguished from the great body of workmen by that aim."

- William Morris, father of England's Arts & Crafts Movement

I feel myself more aligned with this thought then any other. But does my work fit into the Art & Craft Movement? Does my work fit into any movement at all? This is a question I will continue to try to answer through my work.

My customers and admirers call my work 'beautiful'. If Beauty is a movement, would I then have a place for my work to call home? Maybe. We will see. . .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Use The Muse IV

Just entered the Use The Muse IV contest sponsored by

I learned about the contect from joining their fan page on Facebook. I've never participated in a contest like this before. It should be a lot of fun.
If you haven't already entered, I suggest you do. You never know, your design might be the winner. Here is the link to order your kit and to learn more about the contest:
The picture above if from their website. It shows this year's kit, minus the secret 'muse'. I can't wait to get my kit! Wish me luck!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Princess Project

It's Prom time again!

Soon our evenings will be filled with limos and hummers packed to the brim with screaming giddy teenagers as they make their way to the party of the year! There is so much to plan and do- find a date, find a dress, accessories, hair, makeup, shoes!

However, there are girls in our country who don't get a chance to enjoy the trills and chills that come with getting ready for prom. They will not be able to afford the designer dresses are the fancy necklace.

That is one of the reasons why we are donating to The Princess Project.

The Princess Project gives free dresses and accessories to girls who otherwise would not be able to afford these items for prom.

My niece will be donating some of her party dresses and I will be creating a few fashion necklaces to donate as well.

Feel free to visit their website to learn more about The Princess Project and how you can help: