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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Am I?

Okay, I've been told by artist that what I do is not art but a craft. I've been told by crafters that what I do is not a craft but an art. So what the hell am I? A crafter or an artist? I don't do cookie-cutter designs. I take my work seriously. My soul purpose is to create beauty through the medium of what is considered trash. My muse is wine. So what does that make me?
In a perfect would their would be no label for what I or any creative person does. But we do not live in a perfect world and frankly, I wouldn't mind having a label if it truly described me and my work. So, what am I?

I found the quote below as i was researching the difference between artist and crafter:

"Our art is the work of a small minority composed of educated persons, fully conscious of their aim of producing beauty, and distinguished from the great body of workmen by that aim."

- William Morris, father of England's Arts & Crafts Movement

I feel myself more aligned with this thought then any other. But does my work fit into the Art & Craft Movement? Does my work fit into any movement at all? This is a question I will continue to try to answer through my work.

My customers and admirers call my work 'beautiful'. If Beauty is a movement, would I then have a place for my work to call home? Maybe. We will see. . .


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