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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All Smiles

It has been a very nice four weeks despite myself.

I, along with my husband, helped a relative of his clean out her ex husband's house after his passing last month. She herself is elderly and was completely overwhelmed at the task  of clean the house of a man that was a pack rat. So, we offered our services to her. She insisted on paying us, but we refused. So, she told us if there is anything we find that we like, go ahead and take it.

Well, apparently her ex was a crazy crafter like myself. I found a small beading loom and some build your own miniature doll house craft kits. But the biggest find was his jewelry and leather making supplies. I came home with two boxes of jewelry parts, pieces, broken jewelry, leather scraps, carving patterns, magazines, tools and trinkets. I'm in heaven right now trying to go through everything. 

I am always amazed that just when I am running low on things that I need I just send out a little prayer and suddenly out of no where all I needed and more is supplied to me. I strongly believe that when you are doing what God intended, all the universe will bend to your need.


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