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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finding An Old Friend

It just amazes me how quickly the world has shrunk since the creation of Facebook. People you though were lost are just a few key strokes away from being found.

One such person I found recently is an old schoolmate of mine. Cisily Elcan.

Now I have to admit, we were far from being BFF's in grammar school. She was the popular girl with a great clique of cool friends. She excelled in every subject and she was always the girl every boy in class wanted to date.

I, on the other hand, could have choked on an apple seed, did a Oscar-winning death scene ending in a dramatic fall upon the teacher's desk and it still would have been a couple of weeks before anyone noticed I was dead. I was the strange little geek who barely talked, and when I did, was rarely understood.

Yet, I admired Cisily and for some reason, for all these years, she has stayed on my mind. So, I decided to do what most people do when looking for someone you haven't seen or spoken to since 7th grade- I looked her up on Facebook!

Cisily is making her mark as an artist of words and a connoisseur of great music. Besides past teachers and homework, it seems that Cisily and I have something else that we share- a love of poetry.

So, if you get a chance, please check out her blog of the written word. Show her some love. She is a great emerging artist.

You can also hear her words spoken at


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