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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Wait

Well, I've sent in my application for consideration into the One of a Kind Show through Etsy. Here is a picture of the mock-up both display that I made. Not too bad for an amateur!
And now we wait.
This is the hardest part for me. Not knowing who is reviewing my aaplication. If I submitted everything correctly. Have they already trashed my application or has it been placed in the 'maybe' pile. (I'm not arrogant enough to think that the judges are wowed by my work.)
There is of course still the problem of where on earth I'm going to get the money for my booth, if I'm accepted, and how the hell am I going to get to Chicago from here. But I just have to stop and keep reminding myself that I will cross that bridge when I get to get. (Something tells me I may be asking for an early Christmas present from everyone in the form of cash.)
In the meantime, I'm heading back into my studio to start work on a new line of charms that has started forming in my little head.
Wish me luck!


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