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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Mentor

(All designs above made by Florie Amster and all rights retained by her)

As you know, I was so disappointed this passed year for not being accepted into the One of a Kind Show. If I forgot to tell you before, one of the reasons I was so excited about wanting to attend was because I would have the chance to see my mentor, Florie Amster.

I had met Florie Amster when I won a free jewelry making lesson through the Beth El silent auction fundraiser they were doing. When I attended the class at her home, I was just overwhelmed at the beauty that filled her house. Her showroom of jewelry creations made me feel like a kid walking into a candy store.
What really impressed me about Mrs. Amster was her warm spirit. She was very open and honest about her business and encouraged questions. She allowed me to help her as she geared up for another season of craft shows. The extra money I earned was great, but that was nothing compared to the amount of skills and business insight I learned from her.

Thank you Florie Amster, where ever you are!!!


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