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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay Let's Recap...

Now looking back at 2009 I can see where I've made some mistakes and took some good advice. I wish to share my thought with you in hopes that some of what I have to say will help others with their business:

First off, get yourself a system! I wish I had created and kept a better system of keeping track of my spending and income. I am regretting not having such a system in place now that I have to go through this pile of receipts and invoices, trying to get things organized in some readable fashion.

Don't be afraid to change the look of your business. I started my business with a very classy elegant look, but soon realized that I just couldn't put up with that image for long. It just wasn't me. So now I've moved to a more modern look with a bit of a dark side that I hope to show more of in 2010.

Donate. It's good for the soul. I have gotten so much pleasure from donating my items, my time and my money to a worth cause that I love. Pick something you are passionate about and do what you can to show your support. They will be thankful and so will your soul.

You can't please all of the people all of the time, so let people know it. I've learned that if I can't produce an item the way people want it, I just tell them the honest truth. But with that truth I also offer my best possible option and allow them to make the decision on what they want to do next.

Make sure you always have enough supplies. And this rule goes for shipping materials as well. I just hate having to stop my work just to go a buy something that I though I already had on hand. Save yourself the gas and the trouble. Make sure you have everything you need on hand.

Life doesn't live itself. So you need to remember to leave the office and get out there and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The work will still be there when you get back.

Realize that it won't work- and then do it anyway! I am happy that I took the leap in opening my business. Against all better judgement I did what all logic told me would fail. And guess what? I'm still here. Funny thing about following your dreams- dreams doesn't care about logic.


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